I get it. I’ve been the product manager. I’ve been the account executive. So I’ve been on the inside. And I’ve been on the outside. All of which means I hit the ground running and work with minimal oversight so your project can move off the back burner and into production.

I am not a designer but I love and live in the design world, and have for more than 20 years.
My knowledge of your industry means that I know your competition, industry trends and am passionate about your work and products.

I am unique because:

  • I apply a strong mix of both right-brain and left-brain thinking to approach problem-solving creatively and intellectually.
  • I use my journalistic curiosity and resourcefulness to dig deep to find the “nuggets” that tell the story, answer the question or make the case for one option over another.
  • I bring a stylist’s eye to creating and producing arresting visual materials, refined through working closely with shelter magazine editors, top photographers and graphic designers over many years.
  • I apply the analytical skills, global viewpoint and bottom-line sensitivity I learned at Columbia Business School and further sharpened managing a $20 million wallcovering business.

With a constantly growing network, nurtured by active participation in industry associations and events, I have superb access to resources that lead me to the information you need. And I put it all together with the writing skills honed over more than two decades in public relations and marketing.

I’ve been called highly pragmatic. Thorough. Insightful. Creative. Hard-working. Resourceful.  Fun to work with. I’ve won awards for going above and beyond, as well as producing creative, effective programs.

I will deliver on time and on target. And if adjustments need to be made, I will work with you to refine as needed.

Because I get it. Contact me to talk about what you need.

How do we work together?

I typically work on a per project basis.  After an initial phone or in-person meeting, I put together a proposal for services that covers project scope, timing, joint accountabilities and terms and conditions. Often the proposal includes a few options that the client can choose from to suit their needs, timing and budget.  

Once we agree on all elements of the proposal, a signature and a deposit will get things moving. Depending on the time-frame and size of the project, the balance is usually split into one or two additional payments, timed to completion of deliverables. 

Generally written projects include one draft and two revisions. Captions and bibliography are included when appropriate. Have a project? Let me know.


Since projects vary widely in scope, each assignment is quoted individually.  However, I do have a general price range for standard deliverables such as white papers, case studies, website copy and blog posts, press releases and press kits and presentation decks.  Please contact me and I will send it to you.

Are you available for ongoing projects?

In the case of an extended or ongoing campaign, I can work on a retainer basis, with an agreed-upon fee billed monthly.

How do you find your clients?

More often than not, my clients find me. In fact, most of my clients have some connection to former employers I did work for who then referred me elsewhere in the company. My clients are typically established interior product firms such as textile, furniture, lighting and flooring companies. I also work with the occasional startup.

Who else is on your team?

I typically work independently as a solo practitioner. However, I also often work as a project manager, assembling a team of specialists in different disciplines, or coordinating with members of your team and/or outside consultants.

Where do you work?

I generally work out of my office in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, NY. I am available by phone, SKYPE, email or in-person meetings.  Onsite assignments can also be arranged.

Email me to set up a time to talk about how I can help grow your brand.